Who's to replace Sir David?

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I know it's an indecent question as the poor man's not dead yet, but the race has been on for a while now to find the new David Attenborough.  The BBC 's quite desperate about this and has come up with a set of 10 criteria and his replacement must meet all of them:

young, female, non-white, telegenic, articulate, social-media savvy, professionally respectable, acknowledged as a leader, published, and the right sort of activist (ie, can be trusted to rock the boat in a gentle sort of way, and not create too many threatening waves).

Happily, Chris Packham is ruled out on at least 5 grounds.  So who can it be?

I think there's only one possibility: Mya-Rose Craig, who styles herself Birdgirl.  With an honorary degree under her belt, programmes on BBC radio, a six-figure book deal for her diaries, and a history of respectable activism (and all by the age of 18), who can possibly compete?

The only fly in the ointment is all those air miles she's racked up birdwatching over 17 years.  But that'll be fine; the BBC understands all about air miles and to understand all, is to forgive all.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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