Are you pro-blue or pro-green?

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This is not an impertinent enquiry into your politics, but a question about your stance on the pros and cons of the putative hydrogen economy.  Do you want blue hydrogen or green hydrogen, or maybe no hydrogen at all?

Green Hydrogen is hydrogen that not only meets the low-carbon threshold but is generated using renewable energy sources such as solar or wind.

Blue Hydrogen is hydrogen that meets the low-carbon threshold but is generated using non-renewable energy sources.

Grey Hydrogen meanwhile is hydrogen produced using fossil fuels such as natural gas.   Currently, this accounts for roughly 95% of the hydrogen produced today.

The trouble with hydrogen (one of many perhaps) is that because it's not naturally occurring, it's not a renewable energy source (like wind, solar or geothermal).  It's merely a store of energy – just as petrol, a flywheel, or a battery is.  That is, it has to be produced in an industrial process before it's used.  Even green hydrogen has to be generated by electrolysis from, say, sea water.  And if such hydrogen is then passed through a fuel cell to generate electricity to power a car, then the whole process is very inefficient.
There are arcane methods of generating hydrogen from natural gas which result in just the gas and solid carbon:   CH4 => 2H2 + C  which is a magical sounding process but it works either by proton conduction in a solid catalyst or catalysis through a liquid metal.  See this.  Magical, but green?

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