Working together?

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I wrote an article for Issue 4 of Elephant Times, the new venture from Tide~.  It ended with a challenge to organisations promoting development education and global learning:

–  remember that tackling climate change and environmental issues is vital if all humans are to live fulfilling lives.

And a challenge to organisations who promote environmental education:

– remember that how people live is key to resolving environmental issues.  

I said that a third challenge, and the biggest, is for all such organisations to come together, find common ground, and work in partnership to help young people learn about what should really and profoundly matter to us all.

It was based on my experience of the field (that, sadly, ought to be fields) and my readings of these papers:

Kagawa, Fumiyo & David Selby (2010) Introduction. In Education and Climate Change: Living and Learning in Interesting Times, edited by Fumiyo Kagawa & David Selby, 1–11. London: Routledge.

Smyth, John C. (1995) Environment and Education: a view of a changing scene, Environmental Education Research 1:1, 3-20



Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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