No Mow May and the 2nd Law

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I've been observing No Mow May on my front lawn for much longer than Plant-life's recent campaign, and I always extend it into Just Grow June as well, as I watch  the 2nd law of thermodynamics bring glorious disorder.  It's good to remember that gardening can only ever bring temporary order to the inherent, nascent wild.

Each has its own aesthetic and in truth the garden is always a blend of the ordered and the disordered.  The front lawn lends itself to the wild as the soil gifted to the house when it was built was, to employ a technical term, "rubbish".  And we have not added to that by compost or fertiliser down the years.  At the moment it is a riot of yellow and white with creeping buttercup, hawkweed, daisies and ox-eye daisies dominant.  Then there's black medick, cow parsley, arum, cut-leaf cranesbill, red clover, lesser stitchwort, red archangel, and white dead nettle, with yellow rattle, goatsbeard and pyramidal orchids (and more) to come.

I suppose this is "natural"; it's certainly therapeutic.  What's more, I've even bought a traditional scythe so that the meadow can be properly cut when Summer's lease is over and seed is set.  All I have to do now is to learn how to use it.


Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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