What if the Oscars followed the Eco Schools example

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As I mentioned last week, Eco Schools is changing the way it operates.  See this.

It's 2021/22 model of having all judgements of quality around the award of the green flag being made on-line with no visiting assessors being involved is a brilliant cost-saving measure for straightened times, and one that takes the messy business of subjective human judgement of actual practice out of the process.  It is surely one that others might copy.

Imagine if the Oscars did ... .  You can just picture the press release:

"The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has taken the decision to base its 2021/22 awards only on an electronic application.  Whilst our viewing of films by Academy members was a positive and rewarding experience, with ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID, we thought it would be best to make a quick decision, providing clarity on this matter at the start of the year.  As we have taken the decision to rely solely on electronic applications, we have been busy developing a new electronic application form, which gives you and your film production colleagues the chance to showcase your artistic efforts."

Brilliant!  But whether this would really be the best way to publicly acknowledge the merit of a film must be open to some doubt.  And this is probably why the Academy is not proposing to do it.

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