Teach the Future's Impact

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I'm a critical friend of Teach the Future and sit on its Adult Advisory Group.  I had this email the other week that set out some of the things that Teach the Future has done:

  • Hosted a reception in the UK parliament
  • Wrote a draft education bill (for England)
  • Been on national TV
  • Been quoted in the House of Lords
  • Met with an English Education Minister
  • Influenced government spending on school retrofit
  • Gained over 150 supporting organisations
  • Launched a Scottish branch of the campaign
  • Met with the Deputy First Minister of Scotland
  • Lobbied MSPs
  • Submitted a representation to the UK Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review
  • Launched a Welsh branch of the campaign

All this is true and not to be discounted.

But there's a difference between just doing things and making a real difference, so what has Teach the Future actually achieved?  I think there is something positive to say about this, but I've not seen it set out clearly yet.

Mind you, this is a distinction that could be questioned for many an organisation – and not just those involved in what might loosely be described as environmental education.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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