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I got this email a while back:

Dear William

Congratulations again on publishing your article, 25 Years on: Looking back at Environmental Education Research, in Environmental Education Research, earlier this year. It is an accomplishment to be a published author, take a moment to discover the impact your research has had so far.  Since it was first published, your article has already received 982 views.

Gosh, I thought: "982 views".  But is that a lot, I wondered?  Well, either way, it's now 1,129 views.

There are no citations, though and only 4 Altmetrics – which I'd never heard of until now – and 12 readers on Mendeley – which I'd also never heard of.  I live such a sheltered life, but then, I don't have to live by citations.

Of course, 1129 views is not a lot, but it is early days I whisper to myself.  The best I ever managed in EER was 3355 views and 74 citations (a report on an ESRC project with co-authors), and quite a few papers never got anywhere near those numbers (I once managed 78 citations).  But as I said, I don't live by citations.  Just as well, you might think.

And just for comparison, the well-received Mind the Gap paper by Kollmuss and Agyeman (2010) has had 129,618 views and 3230 citations (so far!).  I'm consoling myself that, as editor at the time, I did contribute a little to the final form of that piece of work.  A bit of reflected glory then.


Anja Kollmuss & Julian Agyeman (2002) Mind the Gap: Why do people act environmentally and what are the barriers to pro-environmental behavior?, Environmental Education Research, 8:3, 239-260, DOI: 10.1080/13504620220145401


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