Which country?

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Which country's education ministry has said this in the run up to COP26?

"The Department for Education is committed to sustainable development and we believe that it is vital for our schools to prepare our young people for the future.  Schools are a perfect opportunity to engage the minds of our future leaders in developing sustainable ways of living.  It's important for them to understand the principles of what sustainability is, and what it means to be truly sustainable.  Sustainability is not just about energy or carbon.  Both play a key role but sustainability is also about people, air quality, travel, and physical and mental well-being.  It's about delivering change beyond the curriculum.  We know that there are lots of fantastic examples across the estate where school communities are working really hard to drive sustainable practices in their day to day operations, to play their part and help to tackle the climate change challenge that we all face.”

Could be almost any you might think.  Well, maybe not North Korea, ...

It is, however, England.  Evidence you might like to think of a Damascene conversion now that Nick Gibb is gone.  Perhaps.  Time (actually, COP26) will likely tell.

Significantly, it comes not directly from the DfE itself, but from a competition run in partnership with the ministry by Education Estates which is "an event which brings professionals together across the education sector and learning community. ... discovering ways to transform and refine internal and external learning environments into sustainable and adaptive spaces, from school through to university."

The full quote is here.

Once you know the source is Education Estates, however, the quote looks (to me at any rate) less significant in that it's not really about the curriculum, as phrases such as "delivering change beyond the curriculum", and "drive sustainable practices in their day to day operations" illustrate.

It reminded me of a Top Tips publication that dates from 2012.  Too soon to cheer ...

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