Dinosaurs at the UN

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Here's a link to a video produced by UNDP ahead of COP26.  In it, a T-Rex lookalike addresses the UN General Assembly on the need for action on the climate.  As T-Rexs go, its behaviour is quite restrained, though why it has an American accent is beyond me.

The message, however, is not without problem; essentially it's that extinction of the human species is not something to wish upon ourselves.  But this is nonsense; extinction of humanity is not on the cards if COP 26 is a failure.  This is the same message peddled recently by those announcing that they'll not be having children.  It also chimes in with the unhelpful "Panic!" instruction from Greta T and her groupies.

That said, the video has "great production values" and is undoubtedly entertaining.  Surely a touch irresponsible though especially with so many susceptible to eco-anxiety.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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