COP26? Is that the latest TV police drama?

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I was going to force myself to watch the UNESCO event at COP26 last Friday.  This was Together For Tomorrow: Education and Climate Action – which the advance publicity said would call "on education and environment ministers to pledge to integrate climate education in every level of schooling".  It was jointly organised with the governments of the United Kingdom and Italy, as well as youth representatives Mock COP and Youth4Climate.  I was not enthusiastic as it promised to be yet another of UNESCO's beyond dull gabfests.

So, brooding over its imminent start, I went to the cinema instead – for the first time since you-know-what arrived.  Although the film was underwhelming, it was diverting, and there were special effects galore.

By way of penance, I'd aimed to watch the UNESCO fest on speed catch-up (a bit like speed dating but less thrilling) but I can't find it.  All I managed to locate were these earnest talking heads and this oddity from Gibraltar which mercifully only lasts 2 minutes.*  There were no special effects; indeed, you have to wonder whether there were any effects at all.

I think I had a lucky escape as I'm far too old for this sort of thing.


Actually, there is one notable part of the video (2 minutes in) when a determined looking woman is seen striding across the stage to the lectern only to turn into the Secretary of State for Education once she/he/they got there.  Inspired magical realist editing.

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