A farewell to Ms T

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I watched the ever-downbeat and miderabilist Ms T as she wandered the streets of Glasgow, and I listened to her latest peroration to the faithful.  She clearly has nothing new to say, and seemingly nothing positive to contribute.  Indeed, she seems invested in failure as only a poor outcome from the COP could match her dim view of politicians across the world.  Why she thought that condemning everybody trying against the odds to make the COP a success was a good look puzzles me.  Why did she think that doubting their personal and professional integrity was helpful?  Was she miffed that she is now on the outside of things?  After all, wasn't she supposed to be the one to be feted?  Wasn't she once the go-to young person if you looked for an inspiring oration?  Not any more it seems as there were plenty of those inside the room being lauded in their turn.  Sic trans gloria mundi, indeed.

I also watched her uneasy coming together with the Scottish First Minister – also something of an outsider to the main event – and they both looked a bit lost: excluded by powerful forces from what should – had there been any climate justice – have been their own party.

So, what's to be done?  What, when you're on the wrong side of 18, can you do now?  And what can young people do when their icon is no longer so iconic?  Dilemmas, dilemmas ... .  As for me (who has always had to settle for ironic rather than iconic), well, I do appreciate what she did in galvanising young people's interest; it was remarkable.  But I also deprecate her negativity and gloomy outlook which has neutralised much of the electrifying.  Time to move on.

So that's my last word on a remarkable flow, and ebb.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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