A model music curriculum for England

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Last year, the DfE published a model music curriculum.  It escaped my attention but I've now read it.  The Foreword and the introduction to the document makes these points:

  • The Model Music Curriculum [MMC] is designed to introduce the next generation to a broad repertoire of music from the Western Classical tradition, and to the best popular music and music from around the world.
  • It is non-statutory guidance for the national curriculum in England.
  • It is built from the experience of schools that already teach a demanding and rich music curriculum
  • It is produced by an expert writing team led by ABRSM (one of the UK's largest music education bodies, one of its largest music publishers and the world's leading provider of music exams) and informed by a panel of experts – great teachers and musicians alike – and chaired by Veronica Wadley.
  • It is designed to assist rather than to prescribe, providing a benchmark to help teachers, school leaders and curriculum designers make sure every music lesson is of the highest quality.
  • This curriculum provides a roadmap to introduce pupils to the delights and disciplines of music, helping them to appreciate and understand the works of the musical giants of the past, while also equipping them with the technical skills and creativity to compose and perform.
  • It sits at the heart of the Government’s agenda for supporting curriculum music in schools during Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.
  • The aim is to ensure a universal provision of music education, for all pupils in all schools.
  • The MMC is a non-statutory resource that provides a practical framework through which the statutory requirements of the curriculum can be met. By setting out a model of how the curriculum can be delivered, it offers guidance and ideas for teachers, and provides a springboard from which to approach teaching.
  • It has been developed with this in mind to provide a strong core set of competencies and shared knowledge. Many schools will want to go well beyond this core and to use it to supplement current practice.
  • It is anticipated that supporting resources and opportunities for Continuous Professional Development will be created by numerous partners, both at a local level amongst school cluster groups, Music Education Hubs and also by national partners across the music education sector.

What an interesting document.  It seems to me that the DfE, which continues to set its face against revising the national curriculum has done just that – on the quiet.  And a model history curriculum is planned.  Others will follow, but not for environment / sustainability because, as I noted yesterday, that's not a subject.

Only subjects matter to the DfE, but not the spaces between subjects, their intersections or the synergies to be had from bringing them together.  Only subjects.

But that is no reason for someone else not to do it.  The Foreword and introduction almost write themselves (see above).

So, who will?

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