Eric Gill and me

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Do you have a preferred font for your computer use?  I have two.  One is Gill Sans which I use for emailing.  I've done this for some time now liking its clarity and crispness (for want of a better description).  But should I, given that Save the Children has said it will stop using the font which was designed by Gill in 1928 because of  his sexual abuse of his family.  This is well documented and uncontestable as far as I can see.

Eric Gill is the artist whose sculpture that adorns the BBC's flagship building in central London was recently attacked by a bloke with a hammer.  Was he deranged or merely outraged?  Who knows.  He had a very small hammer.

My view of Gill as a man is rock bottom and likely to stay there, but I'm sticking with the font from Gill, the artist, as I don't see what good it would do to stop using it.  So I suppose this post is an example of virtue non-signalling.

It's an interesting issue though: should you separate the artist from their non-art actions when these are rebarbative?  Does it depend on context?  On timing?  On the nature of the action?  These all seem valid questions.



Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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