Two cheers for REF 2021

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I see that the outcomes of the latest universities research assessment exercise [ie, the REF: research excellence framework] have been published today.  Thank goodness not to be involved in this.  It's a major plus of retirement; indeed the thought of having to do it all again was a driver of early retirement in 2010.  I found it such a dispiriting experience over many years especially thinking how many zillions of hours went into it – hours that might have been better spent on research and publishing.  What do I mean "might".

Anyway, I devoted 15 minutes to seeing how various education departments fared across the UK.  In the end, I rather thought 15 minutes was enough – plus the 5 minutes I've spent writing this.

So, here's to the next one when I confidently expect to spend even less time on it; now, that's a good plan!

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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