DfE ministers come and go and come again

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There's a new team at the DfE.  After all the recent resignations new ministers are in place, although one who resigned seems to be back, and the one who never resigned is still there.  Three are new, including the Secretary of State and one of these is already in trouble for making "a rude gesture" that would have surely have gotten a student in trouble had they done the same in school.  She may be on borrowed time.

But perhaps they all are.  After all, they are the ministry of a dying government which will be supplanted in the coming weeks.  And let's face it, they can hardly be the creme de la crème otherwise they'd all have been in place for a while.

This poses a dilemma for all who'd try to influence what the DfE does, for example around environmental education.  Should you bother?  Or should you wait the new regime and see who survives?  Happily August looms and so the question resolves itself.

Perhaps our energies ought to be focused on keeping an eye on what the new team gets up to in the interregnum.  There is scope for much mischief.



Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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