Brave young women in Iran

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It has been inspiring to see the school protests in Iran over the regime's misogynistic dress codes and its thuggish behaviours.  I'm used to seeing pictures of young people (mostly it seems girls and young woman) across the world protesting about education policy, but what these brave youngsters in Iran are doing is of a different order.

Climate education protesters risk a slap on the wrist (at worst) – and more likely credit in citizenship studies for positive social interaction; the Iranian youngsters are risking their lives and futures as this clip from the BBC illustrates – and this one too.  The BBC has been very good at following this story.

I'd have expected more expressions of solidarity from UK-based young people's groups, especially those focused on sustainability, but I cannot find it.  Doesn't sustainability include the rights of girls and women any more?  Or do other sensibilities trump these now-a-days?

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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