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The COP closing plenary was 5 hours 10 minutes long on YouTube.  It must have seemed much longer in real time.

It was sponsored by Coca Cola.  Here's what Le Monde had to say about the inappropriateness of this.

If we're to pay reparations to atone for our eco-crime of inventing the industrial resolution, who's going to pay?  Should we be increasing tax now or borrowing (from our grandchildren's grandchildren)?  What a great subject for a school discussion – as is: should we pay reparations at all given that we're only responsible for <5% of lifetime global emissions, despite our original sin of the industrial revolution.  Compare that with the Chinese figures).  Some say we should be being thanked rather than vilified for kick-starting the process and enabling faster human development.  This is not a universally popular view but it can be argued from an economic history perspective.  Anyway, rather than arguing over who should pay for history, we surely ought to be focusing on a positive future for all with specific proposals.

On a different note, I enjoyed FIFA's embarrassment at the Qatari ban on Budweiser "beer" at the world cup.  What a pity they didn't sign up with an outfit that brewed beer (as opposed to "beer").

Finally, there's room for a bit of über schadenfreude at the Rising Sun's famous victory the other day.  It's what World Cups are for.

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  • Wonderful post about who and if we should even pay for the problems of the past - I might argue we already are. The end of your main paragraph says it all - shouldn't we be focused on a positive future for ALL of humanity instead of arguing about the money. A bit like the old meme of shipwreck survivors adrift in a lifeboat arguing whose fault it was instead of all working together to get back to land safely.