And was there light at the end of the (poly) tunnel?

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Thriving in the Anthropocene was the focus of the on-line I-SEE seminar on February 7th at the University of Bath.  It was presented by Mike Berners-Lee, Director of Small World Consulting andthe author of, There is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years, and How Bad Are Bananas? The carbon footprint of everything.

Berners-Lee writes:

"Through our rising energy supply and technological advances, our species has created the Anthropocene: a completely new context in which to operate.  The science tells us clearly that we are accelerating into a poly-crisis, but we haven’t yet found how to apply the brakes.  This talk looks at why and explores the critical leverage issues for anyone wanting to be part of the solution."

It occurred to me to wonder whether, if there is a poly-crisis, there is also a poly-tunnel.  And if so, should we be looking for light at the end of it?  I went along (metaphorically speaking) to find out, but came away empty-minded.

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