Next Steps at the Westminster Forum

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Thanks to NAEE's recent news round up for alerting me to a forthcoming Westminster Education Forum policy conference.  The focus is: Next steps for green and climate change education in England.  Details here.

It's the usual  formula:
[i] a couple of big(ish) names
[ii] zillions of other speakers each of whom hardly has time draw breath let along make an argument;
[iii] little of no time for the audience to discuss anything;
[iv] a coupler of grandees (usually a passing baroness or earl) to chair the event and draw punters in
This one's on-line and so there is at least an acknowledgement that not everyone lives in London.

NAEE said:

"The leading speaker will be Jonathan Dewsbury, Head of the Sustainability and Climate Change Unit at the DfE who will speak about the implementation of the Department’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy for Education.  The event will “look at the future of green and climate change education, and embedding an integrated focus on sustainability in education in England.  Speakers will look at the implementation of the Strategy so far, including the provision of teacher training and CPD, the new Natural History GCSE with first teaching expected in 2025, and the creation and utilisation of the National Education Nature Park which is expected to go live later this year."

All told, there are 18 speakers promised.  I wonder if anyone will say anything remotely critical.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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