Forgive me, Gaia, ...

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... for I have sinned.  It is over 4 years since my last confession.

On that occasion you'll remember I flew – by air – to Maderia, and now I have sinned again by flying to Belfast when I could easily have gone by bus, train, bus, boat and train.  Well, perhaps not "easily".  At least this time my excuse is that it was for work, unlike in 2019 when it was for sheer self-indulgent frivolity with no thought for the common weal, ie, a holiday.

Of course, two one and a bit hour flights are nothing in the great scheme of things, especially if averaged over 4 years, so it’s not really a great sin as sins go – and I did travel from the Belfast George Best airport to the city by bus.  Of course, on the precautionary principle I said a few Hail Gretas before I went, to appease you a little, so I hope forgiveness will soon be forthcoming.  If not, I've got a rolled-up copy of the green party manifesto ready to beat myself unmercifully with shoulder you so desire

In mitigation, I should say that it’s not just any old work, but an endeavour to advance global environmental education which could hardly be a more important cause and surely one where spending carbon might be justified.  Indeed, maybe my annual carbon budget should be augmented with a few airkms so that I get to go to more of these crucial meetings.

After all, environmental educators are making such a huge difference to your welfare ...

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  • Mea Culpa; Mea culpa; Mea maxima culpa. I try to save the world from my desk, but then my laptop and ... Damn it, I'll use charcoal and tree bark ...oops, that isn't a solution either is it? How far do we take this confession?