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I last came to Queen's University in Belfast about 40 years ago.  I gave a talk on something or other and was persuaded against my better judgement to repeat the talk in the evening for a non-academic audience; that is, for normal people.  I was reminded of this last week in the story from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe when only one person turned up to a gig, and she was a fellow comic who came out of solidarity and fellow feeling.  For my long-ago non-academic talk, a man, a boy and a dog turned up; the only saving grace was that the dog behaved itself.  I blamed the marketing ...

I'm at Queen's again today for the second day of the GEEP Advisory Group Meeting.  It's begun with a rather over-long, somewhat greenwashed input from the university's sustainability team.  I'm afraid my scepticism manifested itself outloud, particularly around the notion that academics will meekly do what management tells them.

The keynote this afternoon: John Barry, "Professor of Green Political Economy in the Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action at Queens University Belfast; Co-chair of the Belfast Climate Commission, a member of the Committee on Climate Change’s Economics Advisory Group on Adaptation and Resilience, and member of the Sustainable Future Committee of the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust".

I've heard him before ...

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