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Reading in The Times that “ministers … have agreed to work on a government-backed scheme to convert domestic oil-fired boilers to run on green fuels”, did not fill me with much confidence, especially as new oil boilers were due to be cancelled with indecent haste (2026).

I thought: What fuels? How 'green'?  And how can these – whatever they are – be available at scale by 2026?  This did not sound like a plan, and I thought that, yet again, the government is confusing ideas, targets and plans.  However, it seems that the government is encouraging industry to bring 'greener' (that is not from fossil fuels) products to market.  That does sound like a good thing even if it's not yet a fully worked out plan. Maybe we'll all be told to eat a lot more chips – but only healthy green chips of course.

At this point in the usually long drawn out post-drafting process I wrote: "Maybe it's time to replace that old oil boiler with a new one while you still can – and do it now before prices inevitably rise."  At the same point I wrote to my MP in protest at how an oil boiler replacement ban would adversely affect all those benighted folk without the benefits of the gas grid.  They are mostly in rural areas of course.

But I now hear that the ban on oil boiler replacements is set to be postponed until 2035 or somewhen.  Amazing how one email to an MP can have such an immediate and positive effect.  Maybe I should do it more often.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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