Saying Nothing about Small Beer

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I listened to all of Starmer's speech today at the party conference, in part because of my interest in what he'd say about the school curriculum – and in part out of sheer interest.  In the end he said nothing about the curriculum.  Ed Miliband clapped ferociously nonetheless.  He was never off our screens.  No doubt he's looking forward to getting his hands on that £28bn he's been promised for his net zero plans.  If only …

I wonder if this silence was because the party machine is worried that the public might be upset if climate change (etc) education gets too much press, or because it's really small beer.  I favour the beer argument.

Mind you, in an (in-part) well-crafted but cliché-crowded speech, which was big on vision and aspiration, but low on detail, there was no room for anything about schools at all, or on how to fix social care, or on continuing support for Ukraine, or on how to improve devolution arrangements, or on how to solve immigration via small boats.  Hot topics all.

We’ll just have to wait and see ...

Wednesday update:

It seems to be policy that children as young as four should learn about currency exchange rates and budgeting, according to reports.  But there's be no more maths after 16 as, in the Shadow SoS's view if you can't understand it by 16 then it's too late.  Dear me.  My prophesy: the SSoS will not be remembered as great Education Secretary.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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