Climate Change and Social Transformation

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The University has a new promotional video showcasing its work is helping to build support and momentum for ambitious climate action.  In it, you can find out how Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh is helping to shift behaviour and build support and momentum for climate action.  You can watch it here.  It's commendably brief.

Here's the transcript:

"What difference does it make if you choose to fly less, eat less red meat, or install solar panels on your house?  As the effects of rising  global temperatures become increasingly clear lifestyle changes in response to climate change can seem like a drop in the ocean, yet they matter if we are to build the new norms and social transformations which are needed for us all to live more sustainably.

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  • An interesting post - the devil is in the details. As with many of the technocratic hierarchical narratives, they are always top-down even as they propose to educate the population in what they need to do without actually asking what they think beforehand. While there may be many experts at the top about global systems, I am always surprised by how much expertise exists at 'the bottom' about local systems, which may be where our real solutions exist.