Who Regulates Naturalists?

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I note much recent discussion about the lack of a regulatory structure for psychotherapists and counsellors (and nutritionists).  This got me wondering about naturalists * – this is a reference the press often gives to folk who opine about environmental matters, particularly those relating to the natural world.

Are naturalists regulated?  Or could I just set myself up as one?  It seems I could, but as environmentalscience.org suggests, I'm not really qualified, so that's a relief.

In the UK there's the British Entomological and Natural History Society which has members all over the globe and focuses on all elements of the natural world.  But this is a member organisation rather than a professional certification with regulatory oversight.

But this is ok isn't it?  I don't detect great public angst about a lack of regulation; we seem happy with our naturalists as they are, and there is no great clamour for an OffNat (or some such) to be set up and lord it over us all.


Not to be confused (other than by typographical distress) with naturists.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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