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The recent news that raccoons were on the loose in the UK reminded me of a story from last year which was based on an article for The Conversation by Tara Pirie from the University of Surrey: Wild animals that survive limb loss are astonishing. Pirie says that when wild animals survive the initial trauma, blood loss and infection risk without medical help, it’s astonishing that they can adapt to life with three limbs.

This inspiring news further reminded me of a progressive equity-focused development from the USA.  Here's a recent press release:

Houston, Wednesday.  The All American Association for Affirmative Action for Dis-Ablebodied Animals [5AD-2A] called for less discrimination by wildlife charities in their treatment of animals and criticised the continual portrayal of stereotypical images of fit and healthy-looking wildlife in posters, exhibits and TV adverts.

5AD-2A Chair, Dr Brent R Stockdale Jnr, said recent nation-wide polls showed the American people wanted more effort to help disabled wildlife have a better chance.  "It's a jungle out there" Stockdale confirmed, "and we just aren't helping".  Stockdale said 5AD-2A urged a more balanced treatment of animals in the media and said that focus group research shows the American public is resentful of the way animal minorities are hidden away from view.  "End the lies.  We need disabled animal pin badges now." he said, "Wildlife charities need to step up."   Stockdale went on, "Zoos across America need to fly the flag for disability and disablebodiedness.  It's all around us but zoos hide it away.  What are they frightened of?  We should bring the American people face to face with reality; they're ready for it and they'll thank us."

Shring the platform with Stockdale, Humza 'St John' Al-Yamani, Secretary of the Southern Illinois Koranic Study Group on Equity and Disablement in Animals and Plants, urged people of all religions to get behind 5AD-2A's efforts to force wildlife charities to end discrimination.  "We're urging Congress to outlaw this unconstitutional action", Al-Yamani said, promising a march on Washington in the Fall.

Reaction has been quick.  Ms Emmylou Clytemnestra Lagrange, spokesperson for the Green River American Family Values Forum, speaking Salt Lake City Thursday at the Utah People against Eugenics convention, said pro-life groups would oppose the use of federal tax dollars to support these wild ideas.  "The world has enough animals without helping ones who can't survive unaided" she said.  "People should put their efforts where it's needed most: on anti-abortion activism and clinic harassment”.  A spokesperson for the Kansas City Institute for pre-Darwinian Ethics commented: "Damn right.  There are no votes in middle America for three-legged chipmunks."

Stockdale, interviewed at Dulles Airport on the way to a Congressional lobby session said, "This is a typical short-sighted reaction to a clear injustice.  Right and sense will prevail. …"



Note to Editors: 5AD-2A is arguing for amendments to be made to the Americans with Disabilities Act –  ADA – to extend its coverage to all animals and not just human ones.

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