A Primary Curriculum for a Changing Climate

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Did you see the launch last week of the  ‘tracked changes’ sustainability reviewThe Primary Curriculum for a Changing Climate – by academics, teachers, and teacher educators?  This is the project's latest phase. We heard from students, teachers, and academics, and learned more about how the review can be used in schools, and there was a keynote from a children’s author, activist, and entrepreneur.

If you didn’t get to the launch, you can now view and download the primary documents.  As these are still working documents, suggestions and critique are welcome.  They are well worth a study, and the launch webinar can be rewatched or shared with colleagues: Launch Webinar: Primary Curriculum for a Changing Climate (youtube.com).

All told, I thought was a positive event and unusually well chaired.  I didn’t find the keynote as exciting as promised but maybe that was just me as it was all familiar stuff.  The webinar began with youngsters from Corbridge Middle School who did a good job in telling us about why climate change education is important for us all from litter to BEVs.  I did wonder about their script, however; is claiming to be change makers typical argot of 10 year olds in the Tyne Valley?  Maybe it is.  We also heard from Meryl Bachelder, a Corbridge teacher, who did a good job selling the project by talking enthusiastically about how it can be used and its potential.  She had lots of examples, and was very persuasive.

This is a commendable initiative in the face of DfE intransigence about changing the curriculum.  It seems to go from strength to strength.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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