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  • New Edited Volume on Doing Research in Applied Linguistics

    Doing Research in Applied Linguistics: Realities, dilemmas, and solutions provides insight and guidance for those undertaking research, and shows the reader, through honest portrayals of the often glossed-over problems experienced in applied linguistics research, how to deal with the challenges of...

  • Technology and School-Home Communication

    Communication between schools and families is a vital support to children's learning, and modern technology offers unprecedented opportunities for communication - but how are schools to know what to use, and how to use it for the best? In a...

  • EuroSLA Conference

    On 26/08/2016, I gave a presentation entitled "Parents and their role in language learning motivation". The abstract can be found below. Language learning motivation is likely to be influenced by important individuals surrounding learners, such as their parents (Williams &...

  • Psychology of Language Learning

      On Monday, 22/08/2016, I gave a presentation at the biannual Psychology of Language Learning Conference in Jyväskylä, Finland ( The abstract of the talk can be found below. Sources and relationships between self-constructs in foreign language learning in Poland...

  • Parental Engagement Toolkit Research

        As already reported on the University Blog, together with Wiltshire Local Authority, I recently launched a Toolkit for Parental Engagement. Through the research in the field, (For example: Goodall and Vorhaus 2011, Goodall 2012, Goodall and Montgomery 2013,...

  • Educational Leadership, Management and Governance Cluster blog – May/June, 2016

    The members of the Educational Leadership, Management and Governance Cluster, Mike Fertig, Janet Goodall and I, have been very busy in this last month or so with research, publications, conferences and various other research-related events.   Mike and I, along...