About this blog

This blog documents the progress of our project, funded by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, “to embed public engagement methods into the student learning experience”. Public engagement is increasingly regarded as an important driver in the teaching and learning strategies within higher education, with benefits to students including increased confidence, greater employability and enhanced development and application of knowledge. However, there has been limited work exploring how to embed PE into the HE curriculum using sustainable and innovative teaching methods. Our project will develop a framework for incorporating PE methods into teaching that can be utilised by teaching staff faculty-wide to enhance learning, equip students with transferable skills and improve their employability.

We look forward to bringing together key partners from across the University (with representatives from the Public Engagement Unit, Press Office, Technology E-Learning and Student Engagement) at a meeting in May 2018, where we will develop a bespoke strategy for integrating a suite of PE methods into student learning.  We will then trial these methods with samples of undergraduate and postgraduate taught students (with additional peer assessment during the sessions) and obtain feedback regarding learning enhancement, engagement and enjoyment, and suggestions for improvements and future iterations.

Watch this space…!