How do we want to do it?

  1. With our partners from other University units and teams we will draw together skills and attributes required for PE and use these to inform learning and innovative PE methods. We will work with these partners to develop learning and teaching methods that reflect the key attributes of PE: co-creation of knowledge, managing engagement, awareness of self and others, communication and reflective practice (Owen and Hill, 2011). Technology E-Learning will also advise how existing innovative technologies can be utilised for PE.
  2. We will attend PE-related sessions at the Higher Education Academy annual conference and the University of Bath Edufest in July to gain insight into the latest developments and practice on integrating PE into teaching.
  3. We will provide an initial trial of the new PE methods identified during our workshop attendance and partner strategy meeting phase in our undergraduate (Maras) and postgraduate teaching (Adams) in the 2018/9 academic year.
  4. Student feedback will be sought via online surveys at the end of each session and we will invite a sample of students to attend focus groups after teaching to assess engagement and learning with the PE methods. This feedback will then be used to guide improvements and adaptations to the methods based on their evaluations. Colleagues will also be invited to attend and provide feedback during the trial sessions.
  5. We will continue to evaluate feedback from students, colleagues, and personal reflections on an ongoing basis (e.g., informally in class and though formal online unit evaluations).
  6. The final phase of the project in which we feedback to our colleagues in the Department of Psychology will also be used as an active collaboration exercise; we will disseminate how these methods can be integrated into their teaching and assessment practice while also seeking their input and ideas for further development. On completion of our project we will produce a written report, made available on Moodle and this blog, providing an overview of the key innovations and how these can be integrated into teaching at Bath. We will also share our project findings with colleague via a Bath Course session on embedding PE into learning and teaching.