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This book represents the conclusion of our beginning, but also the start of something new...In this book you'll find the final year's work of every graduating student of the class of 2018. Semester 1 honed our skills whilst semester 2 solidified them. Every project represents a personal journey into the unknown. We all began the year not quite realising what to expect, but we have left it with new ideas and attitudes thanks for our collaborations with one another.

-- Sonya Falkovskaia, 4th year student


Foreword - page 6

BSc Architecture

Fourth year: Basil Spence group projects - page 10
Fourth year: Individual projects - page 44

First Year - page 234
Second Year - page 236
Third Year - page 238
Fifth Year: page 240

Master of Architecture (Sixth year)

Masterplanning group projects - page 244
Individual projects - page 258

Please note the material in this annual is the work of our students and doesn’t necessarily represent the views of the University of Bath.

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