My Semester in Murcia, Spain

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Azin Azarbarzin, 3rd Year MEng Chemical Engineering

I chose to carry out my third year research project in Murcia, Spain and it has turned out to be a fantastic decision!

I was very apprehensive before arriving as I had never heard of the city prior to applying and hadn’t met the other two students from Bath who were also coming. However, I soon realised that Murcia is an amazing student city. Firstly, it was very easy to find accommodation which in relation to Bath is also very cheap. The Erasmus Student Network here is very well organised with plenty of events and trip opportunities throughout the year. For example, we visited the famous carnival in the sea-side town of Aguillas, had a weekend trip to Barcelona and attended the Fallas in Valencia. For this reason, it didn’t take long to meet other students from all over Europe and South America, as well as forming new friendships with the other Bath students.

Murcia is one of the hottest regions of Spain with almost constant sun, which made for a very nice change from the weather I was used to back in England. It is also a beautiful, historic, and student orientated city full of friendly and outgoing people, therefore although it is not as big as well-known cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, there was always lots to do and see. Furthermore, I felt that being in a city that is not visited by as many tourists provided me with an authentic experience of the Spanish lifestyle. Murcia also boasts an amazing culinary scene, as well being set around incredible mountains and coasts, with easy access to other major locations in the south and east of Spain.

With regards to my studies, I had a lot of independence and flexibility with the project I was carrying out, a reflection of the relaxed and friendly working environment. I was also lucky to work with really helpful staff and had no issues with communication.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this experience to those who are thinking of applying. It is the perfect opportunity to experience a new culture, take a break from Bath, and catch some sun!

Posted in: Department of Chemical Engineering, Research Project, Undergraduate


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