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  • First year - 002
  • Second year - 004
  • Third year - 006
  • Fourth year
    • Basil spence -  008
    • Individual projects -  070
  • Fifth year - 234
  • Sixth year - 236

BSc work (pages 002 - 234):

MArch work (pages 234 - 236):

Daniel J Wong (Director of Studies, BSc Arch) & Matthew Wickens (Director of Studies, MArch):

"What an extraordinary year – a year of turbulence, protests and activism which has impacted every community around the globe.
Climate Emergency; COVID-19; Black Lives Matter... all pose fundamental questions about the way we live, our behaviour, our value systems, and the way we think.

  • What is the future of cities?
  • How do we tackle social inequities?
  • And what is the nature of true citizenship in the absence of hope?"

"All these questions have in fact been at the heart of 4th and 6th Year design projects in Bath over many years, but the near-dystopian backdrop has never been so real.

"Our 4th Years were in Bristol this year, their first project was to imagine what the future would be like on a disused Airfield in Filton, earmarked for housing and the new Bristol Arena. The year was asked to propose designs for a Long-life, Loose-fit, Low-energy building which initially served to promote the masterplan development but then transformed to promote the surrounding aerospace industry. This was the last year of the ‘Basil’ Projects, the flagship joint project at Bath since 1978. But all things must pass, grow and change, and from next year, the Happold Foundation have generously agreed to sponsor it going forward – evidently ‘Basil’ has transformed, Dr Who-like, into ‘Ted’ for the foreseeable future!

"Like preceding years, 4th Year individual projects continue to display wide-ranging social purpose and hope, with themes as relevant today as they will be tomorrow, like Bristol’s link to the trade in enslaved people, homelessness, women’s rights in healthcare, and food production, amongst many others.

"The 6th year students spent their final year exploring the theme of “Sustainable Cities”, with students choosing to study a diverse range of cities: Amman, La Paz, Marrakech, Medellin, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro and Zagreb. Their urban design responses to these different contexts were equally diverse and proved an excellent springboard for the individual projects they designed within their cities during semester 2.

"In dealing with something quite unforeseen in March, our students this year have shown great agility and maturity to rise to the challenge, switching to remote learning with barely 48 hours’ notice, working alone without the support of the studio environment, without the workshop, and without each other. And let’s not forget our 2nd and 3rd Year students on Placement and Erasmus exchange, and the disorientation they had to navigate...

"At the end of an arduous year, some still had the stamina to produce this, the 2020 Bath Annual.

"Yes – what an extraordinary year."

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