Educational Research is profoundly important, and also pretty great. We're proud of Bath University's international reputation in our field. This blog is quite simply a celebration of interesting, worthy, exciting, illuminating and useful stuff we come across in Educational Research.

The idea is for readers to browse the material as it develops and perhaps spend a little more time on the odd thing which catches their eye. So we publish short and short-ish notes about research from faculty folk and research students here at Bath, and we encourage all readers to consider sending us notes and comments too. We also flag useful and interesting things we think readers might like to know about.

And just occasionally, so the tone isn't always embarrassingly high, we have fun with professional detractors of Educational Research who are shy about their political intent (we aspire to create or help popularise a collective term for such folk and suggestions are very welcome).

Contact the editor, Eric, at 'e.s.joyce@bath.ac.uk'