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  • Bath Doctoral College Training Fund event with senior education journalists

    Just before Summer break, we ran a well-attended session in the Education department introducing doctoral researchers to senior education journalists. The idea was to give researchers, and faculty members if they fancied it, some exposure to how education stories work...

  • Social Constructivism is madness, it says here...

    Our first post flagged a left leaning podcast. For balance, here's something which hangs other other way. There are plenty of 'What works in education?' blogs out there. Many of them follow conservative epistemological and philosophical lines of thinking and...

  • The First Post - 'Fresh Ed Podcast'

    There's a super weekly Educational Research podcast called; "Fresh Ed". It comes from a left-ish political perspective and it's edited by Will Brehm. Will interviews leading researchers in our field and it's always a great listen.  It's a righteous blog,...