First steps

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So after getting the call to see if we could do something with the collection of computer equipment, we had to work out what we could do.

We discussed internally, we talked to Faculties. We talked amongst the support teams. We wrote some strategy documents.

And we're very pleased to say we can now start to build a working Archive of technology.

We also had to find space to put some equipment in.


First collection

So there was an offer of a first collection to start the Archive off. After discussing the situation with the family, we finally arranged to collect everything on 26 August 2022.
It was 4 vanloads of equipment!


After a few furious hours of emptying, carrying, moving, packing and unpacking - the collection made it as far as the campus.
It filled one of our teaching rooms.......


So now the work of the Archive starts in earnest - making a collection of equipment actually work!

Posted in: History ETA


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