Macro of the month: Contributors/Contributors Summary

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The Contributors/Contributors Summary function in Confluence is useful in just about every wiki space where there are multiple authors and editors; it both informs visitors about who is working on a space and also acknowledges those contributors.

Contributors/Contributors Summary is a macro that produces an up to date list of contributors to a page, pages or whole space, enabling you to quickly see to see who has contributed and how recently/frequently.


Contributors/Contributors Summary has the following function:

  • allows you to create and display a dynamic list of contributors for the pages of your choice, arranged by factors such as frequency of contribution
  • the Summary version of the macro has less functionality but by that is easier to use

How to add Contributors/Contributors Summary

First check to see if this is useful by looking to see if the pages or space of interest have, or are likely to have, multiple contributors

  • Place you cursor where you want the Contributors/Contributors Summary macro to appear
  • Click on Insert (in the tool bar above) then Other Macros from the drop-down menu
  • In the pop-up window, type contributors into the search box
  • Set the variables up as you wish (you may need to experiment until you get a table that works for your data)
  • Click Save

How to use Contributors/Contributors Summary

Contributors/Contributors Summary can help acknowledge the team effort that is behind many wikis and encourage participation. This can be useful for staff and student projects.



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