Macro of the month: User profile

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The User Profile function in Confluence is an easy way to display contact details.

User Profile is a macro that displays the latest profile details of a named user. It can be used to help visitors to the wiki to find up to date contact details for key individuals, should they require them.


User Profile has one simple function:

  • allows you to display a dynamic list of contact details for a named user (based on what they have added to their profile within Confluence)

How to add User profile

First check to see if this is useful by looking to see if the user has updated their profile

  • Place you cursor where you want the User Profile macro to appear
  • Click on Insert (in the tool bar above) then Other Macros from the drop-down menu
  • In the pop-up window, type user profile into the search box
  • Type in the required username
  • Click Save

How to use User Profile

User Profile can help visitors to a wiki find contact details, or, in a group project, help members find out more about other members of the group. Using this macro means that the details will remain current as it updates whenever the profile details are updated.



Posted in: Tracey's macro of the month