Bath Alumni represented at Study UK Global Alumni Awards: Nancy Papalexandris and Albert Opuku

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The University of Bath has been producing world class alumni for decades and we are delighted when opportunities to recognise their successes arise. We have recently attended the Greek and Ghanaian Study UK Alumni award ceremonies, held virtually due to coronavirus restrictions, where alumni from Bath were celebrated.

Nancy Papalexandris nominated for Lifetime Achievement

Nancy Papalexandris is an esteemed member of Bath’s international alumni community, having studied for a PhD in Management with us. She was chosen by Study UK as one of the most well accomplished Greek alumni from UK universities, and was nominated for a lifetime achievement award. In the Greek Awards ceremony, Nancy Papalexandris was recognised as a nominee for her outstanding work in education, but most prominently was instrumental in student exchanges and mobilities to Athens from the UK.

Dr Papalexandris is Professor Emeritus in Human Resource Management at the Athens University of Economics and Business and is currently teaching on the joint Master’s programme with Kent University and continuing to pursue research in her field of expertise. Nancy has been part of several UK initiatives on quality assessment in higher education as a representative of the Greek Rectors Conference in the European University Association. Her commitment to academia throughout her career is evident, and we are proud to congratulate her on her recognition by the alumni awards in her nomination.


Albert Opuku celebrated in Ghana Study UK Alumni Award Ceremony

Albert Opoku was featured in one of our recent blogs where we celebrated his success in winning the Global Social Impact Alumni Award. On Friday 30th October, a ceremony was thrown by Study UK in Ghana to recognise the amazing work that the Bath alumnus has undertaken since graduating. The ceremony provided an opportunity for both Albert, his peers, Study UK representatives and the Vice Chancellor of Bath to discuss his experience of schooling in Ghana, higher education (both in Ghana and the UK) and his entrepreneurial career.

Albert, in a video about his education and career, described Bath as a “wonderful place” and gave special thanks to the University for being a vital part in his journey to winning this award. He explained that Bath not only offered a “quality of education” but also described the support and extra opportunities that studying in the UK allowed him to be part of. In his acceptance speech, he described that Bath allowed him to “learn how to contribute towards making the lives of others better”.

Vice Chancellor, Ian White, gave an address during the ceremony congratulating Albert on his achievements and expressing the university’s pride in the “important and essential work” that Albert does. He also stated that Albert is the perfect embodiment of Bath’s entrepreneurial and collaborative nature.

Congratulations Albert on your fantastic achievements.

To watch the ceremony on the British Council’s Facebook Page, click here. 

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