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It was a turning point in my academic and professional life when I decided to apply for a Chevening Scholarship in November 2021. The journey of selecting the candidates was exciting and stressful at the same time. First I could not wait to know the result of my application, then I was very curious and enthusiastic to know my interview outcome, as the competition was extremely high. It was an unbelievable moment when I received the email of my acceptance in the scholarship. I remembered the tough time and exhausting moments I had lived, and I realized that all the effort I had put in had paid off. Now, I have been very proud and grateful to be chosen for the one of the most competitive and prestigious scholarships across the world.

The University of Bath was my choice in my application, and thankfully, I was able to gain my unconditional offer after providing the required documents. It has been a huge honour, in fact, to study in the University of the Year 2023, and one of the top 10 universities in the UK.

Amjad Bani Al-margah standing in front of the University of Bath sign

The dream came true by the end of September when I started a new chapter of my life, studying ‘MSc International Development with Conflict & Humanitarian Actions‘. This program is hugely demanded and needed across the globe and directly relevant to my career as I had worked in the humanitarian and development sectors for nearly 7 years.

At the University of Bath, I have a strong sense of community thanks to the unlimited support and cooperation shown by all staff members, program director, Tutor, convenors as well as officers and workers on campus. The diversity at Bath is incredible, a huge number of international students have come from various countries to study here. This enables me to exchange my experience with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Even though there are a lot of materials I must study, I have found it quite interesting and enjoyable to learn new things and enrich my knowledge especially when there are active and motivated classmates like in my case. We enjoy the time in the class with our lecturers discussing a variety of topics and examples. Having said that, there is always room to do sport at the wonderful Sports Training Village and communicate with other students and socialize apart from academic area. In addition, and most importantly, I enjoy exploring the historical landmarks and other tourist attractions of the city of Bath, the World Heritage Centre.

In short, I am very proud to be a member of Chevening and University of Bath community and extremely enthusiastic to learn new knowledge, widen my networks and expand my experience in my field to become one of the most prominent leaders in the future.

Amjad Bani Al-margah

Posted in: Funding/Scholarship


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