Welcoming our Visiting and Exchange Students in 2023

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Tuesday 26th September 2023 marked the beginning of our incoming international visiting and exchange students embarking on their academic journeys at the University of Bath. I had the privilege of being part of the team hosting these students on their very first Induction Day, organised by Lilith Ding from the International Relations Office.

Induction Day Photo 2023
Induction Day Photo 2023

The event saw the arrival of 93 students from 37 of Bath’s international partner universities representing 24 nationalities. The day commenced with a warm welcome from the International Mobility Team as the 1 West Building filled with excitement. The team provided refreshments and a few welcome gifts as students mingled and made their initial connections.

After the arrival, the day comprised of several presentations, including a welcome talk held by the International Mobility Team that offered valuable insights into life at Bath and ensured that all students concerns were addressed. The new students had the opportunity to absorb valuable information from a panel of speakers, including Leah McCue, the Peer Assisted Learning Programme coordinator; Hanna Hajzer, the Student’s Union Community Officer; and Malcom Skene, the Academic Skills Course Leader at the Skills Centre.

The day concluded with campus tours led by current University Student Ambassadors. Conducted in small groups, the tours allowed students to familiarise themselves with key locations of campus, including lecture and seminar locations, eateries and to immerse themselves in the natural beauty that campus has to offer.

As our international students settle into their new lives at the University of Bath, the entire team joins me in wishing students a wonderful time as they embark on their new adventure, full of academic achievements, cherished memories and lasting connections.

Blog written by IRO Casual Communications Assistant Jasmine Mccrea.

Posted in: Event, Mobility, Partnership, Student mobility


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