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This blog is no longer being updated as we now have a new way of finding out the status of our IT Services at

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  • GitHub security update, 22 September 2016

    There will be a security update and a short period of downtime to, Thursday 22 September 2016, 8am to 9am. After this update, users who use the SSH protocol for Git activity will see that the GitHub host identification...

  • IT maintenance Tuesday 20 September 7am-9am

    Maintenance and upgrades will be taking place during our at risk* period, Tuesday 20 September 2016. Casper will be unavailable due to  upgrades (7am-9am) If you need any IT help and support you can log a ticket at *Our...

  • Do you use Global Protect to access VPN?

    Many of our Windows and Mac users will use Global Protect to access the Virtual Private Network (VPN). We have upgraded to the latest version (Global Protect 3.1.1). This means you may see a pop up box when you try...

  • TOPdesk downtime 3am (GMT) Thursday 15 September

    Due to the TOPdesk outage this morning  (Wednesday 14 September) we are having to restart the TOPdesk servers at: 3am (GMT) on Thursday 15 September This means that TOPdesk will be unavailable while this maintenance is carried out. It is...

  • RE: New Outlook Update phishing, 7 September 2016

    Staff and students should delete the phishing email whose subject line reads RE: New Outlook Update. If you followed the link in the email, please change your password. Content of phishing email so you can recognise it and delete straight...

  • TOPdesk IT support system available

    The TOPdesk IT support system is now available. Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you need to log a ticket with us, go to  

  • TOPdesk support system unavailable

    TOPdesk, our IT support system is currently unavailable. We are currently liaising with the supplier to  rectify the situation and we will let you know when we know more. If you need urgent IT assistance, please call (01225 38)3434  

  • IT maintenance and an upgrade to IT Help and support, from 5.30pm 5 September 2016

    Maintenance and upgrades will be taking place during our at risk* period, Tuesday 6 September 2016.   An upgrade to IT Help and Support self-service will also begin at 5.30 pm, Monday 5 September.   Find out how the upgrade to IT...

  • VOIP phone system disruption, Friday 19 August

    Update, 11.43am: The issues with the VOIP telephone system have now been resolved and the telephones are working as normal. There is an issue with one of our Mitel controllers/ SIP meaning that approximately 50 per cent of our VOIP...

  • IT Maintenance Tuesday 23 August 7am-9am

    Maintenance and upgrades will be taking place during our at risk* period, Tuesday 23 August 2016. Ansys and Mathematica network licences will be unavailable while we add new licences. iTrent will be unavailable due to maintenance Pidgin instant messenger  is...