How can lecturers help LGBTQ+ students feel safe and accepted?

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At our LGBT+ History Month alumni panel, a question put to the panellists by an attendee was:

“As a lecturer, how can I make LGBTQ+ students feel comfortable to be themselves in my sessions?”

This is such a fantastic question we thought we’d share the panel’s answers on this blog:

“It starts simply, if others feel your authenticity that’s empowering. Share your pronouns, doing so makes it easier for others to do so too. Include queer references in context – for example in a marketing lecture showing an advert with a gay couple in. There’s no need to make it explicit political statement, it’s the little things.”

“Its great when everyone uses the term ‘partner’ instead of husband/wife. For some people revealing the identity of a partner could mean something about their sexuality, so if everyone uses it, it makes it not stand out.”

“Showing a relaxed, accepting attitude means a lot to queer international students, as it helps them feel accepted. Talking about things naturally means so much.”

“Don’t forget to include content warnings for homophobic, biphobic and transphobic content that may be present in your lectures.”

Hopefully this will help us all think about how we can make University an inclusive place where students feel like they can be themselves.

Posted in: LGBTQ


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