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If you've walked through campus in the last week you will have spotted a few changes. The first of our new research adverts have gone up on the library, on 8 West and around the 4 West cafe area.

This is all part of a programme of activity currently underway to promote the University’s research to visitors, staff and students via an ‘advertising’ campaign on campus. This activity has been implemented in discussion with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and has had input from all of the Associate Deans for Research and Deans.

We have a lot more in the pipeline, and will be reflecting fantastic research from all of our Faculties and the School of Management over coming weeks.

Here are a few pictures of those that are already in situ. You can find out more about all of these projects by exploring our research web pages.

Posted in: Research news, Research promotion


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  • From the 3 examples on the website I see they all say research 'has helped ' or 'is helping'.
    2 comments - stylistically this makes all the examples look the same and diminishes impact;
    - more importantly, it makes research sound less academic and more like social services! 'help' is a poor choice of word to imply impact.
    But images are great for sport and carbon footprint, just the text that's unimaginative and disappointing

    • Hi Sue, sorry you feel that. We're really keen to keep a single style across all of our research marketing, and as we're focused on current, ongoing work we don't want to over-claim its impact at this stage! I'm sure you'll agree that the projects on show give an exciting glimpse of the type of research going on here at Bath.