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Comprising of 17 staff the Audio Visual team provide many services across campus. The table below is a brief overview of everything which can be provided, with clickable links to find out more information on each topic.


Projects and governance

Research and teaching support

Live events

Equipment loans Building and refurbishment Emergency callout Event assistance
Documentation Systems Meet and greet, and technician on demand Remote communications
Training Licensing IT Support Film production
Maintenance Editing and transcoding
Setup and takedown TV and radio recordings
Lecture capture


Equipment loans

Do you know you can loan all sorts of equipment from AV services including audience response technology? A full list is available here with instructions on how to book equipment.


There are both physical instructions accompanying equipment and online documents showing how to use equipment.


If you are unsure of how to use any equipment provided by the AV department they can offer training on how to use it.


The AV department monitors all General Teaching Rooms and is responsible for their upkeep and refurbishment in conjunction with the GTA working party.  You can report any problems or faults online at

Setup and takedown

For any equipment not already in a General Teaching Room the AV team can assist with setting up and taking down.

Projects and governance


The AV team is responsible for the building and refurbishment of teaching spaces in order to ensure that all technology is state of the art and suitable for teaching. Recently 8 West has been refurbished as part of a 5 year redevelopment cycle.


All around campus there are digital signage and lecture capture systems which are provided by AV, as well as the digital voting system, Turning Point, which can be loaned.


AV provides licensing to use any media material around campus, including ERA, Microphone Licensing, the film bank and BOB.

Research and teaching support

Emergency callout

If you need emergency assistance you can contact AV on ext: 4846 to receive immediate help.

Meet and greet, and technician on demand

If you require the physical presence of a technical this can be provided, though may incur a charge.

IT support

For technical support related to teaching, the AV team will be able to assist you, for anything else the IT Training service can assist.

Live events

Event assistance

If you require any AV services for an event you are holding, the AV team can provide anything from an equipment loan through to technician on demand for the duration of your event (please note that this may be chargeable).

Remote communications

Throughout campus there are four dedicated videoconferencing rooms which allow people from all around the world to communicate. Support is also provided for services such as Skype.

Film production

TV studioUnderneath 3 East there is a dedicated TV studio in addition to equipment and crews for on or off-site productions capable of producing broadcast quality video and audio materials. Support is available in any aspect of video of audio production.

Editing and transcoding

Once any media has been produced the AV team can edit and transcode this for you, and also provide multiple copies of the media if requested.

TV and radio recordings

There are various services available provided through the AV department which allow recordings of TV and radio to be used for educational purposes.

Lecture capture

Detailed information on lecture capture is available including compatible rooms, help using the service and five reasons to capture your practice.


If you have any further questions or would like to use any AV services, please contact

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