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This workshop will inform the participants about the Moodle Workshop facility as used for feedback on essay proposals, and will include a discussion on whether students' feedback comments to each other could/should be graded. The other half of this workshop will talk about the merits and issues of web-based peer assessment, with a demonstration of WebPA and a discussion of the next steps on using the system more widely.

Peer Evaluation can be facilitated within Moodle, and can be used to get students actively involved in exploring a number of different topics at once. For those of you with large cohorts having students assess each other’s formative work has the potential to be a big time-saver.

Moodle Workshop Tool

If you’ve ever worried about how to provide formative feedback to all students on a unit, not just those who email you essay drafts at inconvenient moments, the Moodle Workshop provides a means of doing this at a time that suits you:

It can be used for peer assessment, for normal assessment, or just for getting students to discuss the unit’s content in a structured format. The load of feedback activity can be distributed among students rather than relying solely on staff.

Richard Kamm, Head of Learning and Teaching Quality, School of Management, has been using the Moodle Workshop for this purpose on a final year unit on Privacy Trust and Security in Information Systems for 2 years.


A well known criticism of assessed group work is that each student receives the same mark, regardless of individual performance.  Peer assessment allows students to rate their team member’s contributions.

By using WebPA software to peer assess group work, each student receives an adjusted mark.  Students can conduct this activity using an online form on WebPA where an algorithm processes the scores.  The software also allows teachers to run and mark assessments.

Jeff Barrie currently works in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, teaching aspects of Engineering Design (such as CAD, engineering software and sketching), and supporting group design project activities.

WebPA example, from

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