LITEbox Santander Technology Fund Round II Award Winners

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Earlier this year, the LITEbox - Santander Technology Fund held a second round of funding to support ideas that enhance the learning and teaching environment using new and existing technologies. Congratulations to the three projects that have been successfully awarded funding! Read about the award-winners here:

The LITEbox team is delighted to announce the successful recipients of the second Santander Technology Fund Round. Supported by Santander, as part of the company's wider support of a range of initiatives across the University, the Technology Fund was established with the aim of continuing to create an environment where the University at large can learn about new and existing technologies to support learning and teaching, and share experiences.

These selected projects are supported with funding to include hardware and software purchases and range from £1500 to £4500 per project, with a maximum of two years duration.

The three successful awards are:

#1. Project Name: Radio Station in Spanish

Led by: Ana Sevilla-Merino, Skills Centre (Foreign Languages Centre)

Duration: September 2018 to April 2020 (three Semesters)

This project, Radio Station in Spanish, aims to create a language learning opportunity through the use of broadcasting media. It aims to increase students’ engagement with language learning and culture. The idea is to run an one hour weekly radio programme in Spanish. A project from the students by the students,  working collaboratively in Spanish as the medium language. Students will produce materials in the target language integrating the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), and apply them to the managing and running of the radio programme. This will provide them with an opportunity to stretch and develop their language skills as they will be required to consider timetables, resources and content. This will also offer an excellent opportunity for students to develop transferable skills, over and above the basics of the language they are learning in support of their future employability. The above skills will also be developed through the peer-to-peer teaching scheme. The content will be based on Hispanic issues and issues interesting to the Hispanic students at University.

#2. Project Name: Identifying Recommended Bring Your Own Devices for Online Exams and Assessment

Led by: Rowan Cranwell / Sherilyn Elmes / Adrian Hooper

Duration: September 2018 to September 2019

This collaborative bid from Computing Services and the CLT will build on the successful TDF-funded COBWeb project, submitted by Professor Andrew Heath and Dr Tracey Madden. The COBWeb project’s remit was to identify institutional-wide online assessment solutions to enhance the student and staff experience. Following product demonstrations this year, a suitable solution has been identified and will be piloted across the institution from September 2018, however in order to provide a recommended device/devices for online assessment, a complete student perspective needs to be considered to accommodate their needs. Consequently, the CLT and Computing Services require a selection of hardware to test with students, including ensuring any device and solution supports assistive technologies. This new hardware will enable us to undertake Quality Assurance checks, write user manuals with increased levels of accuracy and best address the needs of students. The LITEbox Santander Technology Fund will be mainly used to purchase these hardware.

#3. Project Name: Bath Space Society

Led by: Sameul Chung, 3rd year Mechanical Engineering: Project Logistics and Funding| William Easdown, 3rd year Integrated Engineering, Rover Team Technical Lead| Theresa Kaupman, 2nd year Physics, Magnetometer Technical Lead

Duration: September 2018 to September 2019

Students seldom get the opportunity to apply the theory taught in courses into real projects. Engineering students have major final year projects such as the Formula Student Team Bath Racing, but these are inaccessible to 1st and 2nd year students, and especially those not studying engineering. The society is looking to expand into outreach events such as the Engineering Education Scheme to involve high school students in our projects and to get them interested in pursuing STEM. LITEbox Santander Technology Fund is funding the society in order enable the purchasing of required electrical components and hardware.

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