Speaking out about speaking out

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Sexual harassment can happen anywhere, to anyone. We have seen an example of this in the news this week, with the reports of the film producer, Harvey Weinstein, being fired following multiple claims of sexual harassment.

One positive to come out of this story has been high profile individuals speaking out about speaking out:

If a friend tells you that they have been sexually harassed or assaulted, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to say. But if they are brave enough to speak out, be brave enough to speak out for them too. Believe them. It was not their fault. Offer to support them, but don't pressure them into making a formal report.

A fail-safe response is:

"I'm sorry that this happened to you. I believe you."

If your friend would like support, they can come contact Student Services via email or by calling 01225 383838, or they can come to the drop-in sessions in 4 West. You can offer to come with them if you like.

Alternatively, they can go to the SU Advice Centre in the Student Centre. You can also email them, call them on 01225 386906 or use the 'report an issue' button.

They will be believed. They will be taken seriously. They won't be pressured to make a formal report. When you, or your friend, talks to us, it is in confidence.

So speak out about speaking out. Sexual harassment is #NeverOK


Posted in: #NeverOK, Bath SU, Uncategorised, University of Bath


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