My name is Josh Callander and on the 23rd July I started as the Anti-Harassment Campaign Manager at the University.

The #NeverOK campaign launched in September 2017 and going through handover documents, folders and meeting with staff and students in the last week – the impact it has had on our University is truly fantastic. The levels of engagement, the enthusiasm, and the support for developing the campaign further have made my first week inspiring.

There is still a lot of work to be done, both for the University and for myself.

We will be launching a new Report and Support Tool that will make it easy for anybody in our community to report harassment, bullying and hate crime.

We are going to expand the #NeverOK campaign to include all forms of harassment.

We are continuing to offer Bringing in the Bystander training. If your department/team/group would be interested in this please do get in contact at J.A.Callander@bath.ac.uk

We are also looking at what other training can be provided to students and staff – in order to most effectively respond to any form of harassment experienced by any individual in our community.

There is one quote that has really resonated with me in my first week, and that is “we need to remember the person behind the degree”. This is paramount, but I think we can go one better.

“We need to remember the people behind the degree”.

We need to make our campus, our town, our community inclusive, and celebrate our diversity and support everybody who contributes to the Bath experience.

So, if this sounds like your cup of tea keep your eyes peeled for updates on this blog in the coming weeks and months. And if you can’t wait that long, drop me an email on J.A.Callander@bath.ac.uk and we can meet for a chat.


If you have been affected by sexual harassment or violence, you can contact Student Services via email or by calling 01225 383838, or come to the drop-in sessions in 4 West.

Alternatively, you can go to the SU Advice Centre in the Student Centre. You can also email them, call them on 01225 386906 or use the 'report an issue' button.

You will be believed. You will be taken seriously. You won't be pressured to make a formal report. When you talk to us, it is in confidence.

If you are a staff member supporting a student, you can call 4321 for advice and support.

Outside of the University, you can contact The Bridge, the Medical Centre, or the police directly.

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