4 East South: Project Newsletter - April 2015

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Progress to date

Main build

Despite minor set backs due to high winds and bad weather the project is on schedule.

  • The final installment of ground floor slabs is complete.
  • Installation of the building frame and columns has started and is making good progress.
  • Wheel washers are in constant use at the site entrance. Construction vehicles are having wheels washed down before leaving the site in order to protect Convocation Avenue.



Energy Centre

  • The Energy Centre structure is complete, water tight and is now fully energised.
  • The existing Energy Centre is gradually being disconnected and all transfers are underway.
  • HV and LV power is live and under a University permit to work.

Progress in the coming period

  • Following completion of the ground floor slabs, construction of the first floor will commence.
  • Installation of a tarmac band around the site will commence to allow safe access to site.



Health & Safety

  • Zero injury accidents.
  • 100% score in safety audit.
  • Ongoing reviews to optimise safe construction methods and improve risk management


  • 99.9% of site waste to date diverted from land fill.
  • Bristol & West Archaeology have been in attendance during excavation works but to date, nothing of archaeological value has been identified.
  • Continued discussions and research to use more environmentally friendly construction materials

General queries can be addressed to estates-helpdesk@bath.ac.uk

Please also see Campus investments webpages and Estates webpages

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